Cork and Hull & Humber given time penalites for course infringements

Despite amateur crews, the Clipper Race is not a ‘friendly’ as the two protests during the first leg have demonstrated.

The Clipper Round the World Race Committee has issued its ruling on the protests on Cork and Hull and Humber following both teams’ contravention of the sailing instructions in Race 1 from the Humber to La Rochelle.

The findings have had an impact on the results of Race 1, dropping Hull & Humber back from third to sixth position and Cork from second to third.

Race Director Joff Bailey explained: “Hull & Humber and Cork entered an exclusion zone stipulated in the Sailing Instructions for Race 1. This was a clear contravention of the rules and the Race Committee had no option but to protest both yacht entries.”

“The Race Committee opted not to disqualify the two teams as there was no hugely significant advantage gained. In fact, Hull & Humber actually sailed more miles by infringing the rules. Cork gained six minutes and has lost 75 after the penalty has been applied. Applying a time penalty or docking points is a common practice in long distance ocean racing and we’re satisfied that we’ve dealt with this in a manner appropriate to the infringement.”

Latest standings:

1. Team Finland
2. Spirit of Australia
3. Cork
4. Cape Breton Island
5. Jamaica Lightning Bolt
6. Hull & Humber
7. Uniquely Singapore
8. Edinburgh Inspiring Capital
9. Qingdao
10. California