Three held after Roger Pratt is killed on his yacht and his wife suffers injuries

Three people are being held by police in the Caribbean island of St

Lucia after a British man was killed and his wife injured in an attack on their yacht.

Roger Pratt, aged 62, died on board the couple’s cruiser Magnetic Attraction in the town

of Vieux Fort on Friday night.

His wife, Margaret, aged 60, was treated for injuries sustained in the attack.

The Warwickshire couple, who were on a round-the-world trip, had sailed to St Lucia from the UK via the Algarve.

They had planned to set sail from the west coast of St Lucia just hours before the attack, but

their plan to leave had been delayed by officials.

Writing on her

blog in the hours before the attack, Mrs Pratt said: ‘On Thursday

morning the plan was to clear out from Soufriere, then to travel south

and use up the 72 hours before we had to be away.

‘But bureaucracy

intervened. HM Customs and Excise in Soufriere told us that exit had to

happen within 24 hours of clearing out; and that anyway, we couldn’t

clear out of Soufriere that day because the Immigration Officer hadn’t

come to work(!!)

‘So here we are in Vieux Fort, the most southerly port of clearance in St

Lucia. It’s very different. There’s a port; an airport and no


The Royal St. Lucia Police Force are investigating the incident.

Tourism Minister Lorne Theophilus has released a statement on the tragedy, expressing condolences to the family of the victims while

assuring that St. Lucia remains ‘relatively safe for nationals and

visitors alike’ and that law enforcement is working to solve the case ‘speedily’.


Theophilus said: ‘At this time we extend our sincerest condolences to the

family of British national Roger Pratt. To his wife, who also sustained

injuries as a result of the attack off the Vieux Fort coast, we extend our

deepest sympathies. Our prayers are with her for a speedy recovery.’


couple had been celebrating Mrs Pratt’s 60th birthday just a few days prior to

the attack.


about her birthday celebrations Mrs Pratt said: ‘Yesterday was a very special

day. I had a blissful



added: ‘The evening went with a swing, aided by a local rum punch with fruit

juice that definitely packed a punch!


a delightful and memorable day. Happiness is…’

Mrs Pratt’s blog, which has now been taken offline, depicted the couple’s idyllic voyage prior to the tragedy.