UK university will contribute to cruise-ship campus

A 29,000-ton ocean liner accommodating 778 students and faculty, plus 416 crewmembers is to set sail from Greece in September 2007.

Cardiff University along with six other institutes from around the world has contributed a semester of academic content to The Scholar Ship, which will complete two 16-week journeys around the world per year, departing each January and September.

Students from numerous countries will receive tuition in English on their chosen academic specialty, while each port of call provides a ‘distinct educational platform’ for students to engage with foreign cultures as the ship hosts ‘experts, leaders and artists from various backgrounds who share their experience, knowledge and insight with the onboard community.’

Program fees are approximately USD $20,000 (just over £10,000) per semester and a two-million dollar scholarship fund has been established to assist disadvantaged applicants.

Click here for more information on the Scholar Ship and an application form