Environment Agency makes announcement on first day of Beale Park boat show

An announcement from the Environment Agency today stated that, despite the increase in fees, boat registration on the Thames is up compared with this time last year. Over 250 more privately owned powered boats were registered by 31 May 2007 than in 2006.

Eileen Mckeever, Thames Waterway Manager said: “We are very pleased with the numbers of private powered boats that have registered so far this year. We will continue to monitor numbers and hope that we will see an overall increase at the end of 2007.”

Meanwhile, at Beale Park in Berkshire, the Thames boat show got under way today, continuing until Sunday. Tickets for the show are available at www.bealepark.co.uk or can be bought at the gate: £7 adult and £2 for under-15s. (Under-2-year-olds go free).