The River Tees is now home up to 100 seals, thanks to environmental clean up work


harbour seal population has grown yet again this year with the birth of 18

pups, bringing the total number that call the river Tees home up to 100.


seal population has seen remarkable growth over the past 30 years and is

testament to the efforts of industry, regulators, conservationists and The

Crown Estate working together to clean up the River Tees.


amongst industrial towers and chemical factories, Seal Sands at first seems an

unlikely setting for an environmental and conservation success story. However, Teesmouth is the

only known estuary in north-west Europe where seals have re-colonised an

industrialised estuary as a direct result of environmental improvements.


The Crown Estate, who have committed £25,000 from its marine stewardship fund

to monitor the pupping season, and the Industry Nature Conservation Association

(INCA) are delighted that their efforts are continuing to encourage sustainable

population growth.


Thompson, coastal manager for The Crown Estate, said: ‘We would like to congratulate Teesmouth based

industries, many of whom are tenants of The Crown Estate, for their commitment

to environmental improvement and conservation.

‘The re-emergence of the harbour

seals is a shining example of how industry and nature can thrive side by side.’


Pailor, director at INCA said: ‘After last year’s record season we are

delighted the harbour seal population at Seal Sands continues to grow.

‘This demonstrates that the

River Tees is in good health and that environmental improvements are having a

positive impact on wildlife.’