Government demands closure of hundreds of events

The South Korean government has cancelled 291 events including Yacht and Boat Korea scheduled for 29 October to 1 November, over fears of the growth of influenza H1N1, commonly known as Swine Flu.

In late August the World Health Organisation (WHO) advised countries in the northern hemisphere to prepare for a second wave of the pandemic spread.

International Marketing Consultant Barry Jenkins said Yacht and Boat Korea had no choice but to cancel the 2009 event given national guidelines.

“It is a real disappointment but exhibitors and intending visitors realise that the cancellation is out of the organiser’s control and is in the interests of public health and safety,” said Mr Jenkins.

The Korean Government has raised its pandemic alert level and carries out emergency procedures 24 hours a day to prevent the virus spreading. In August Korean health authorities announced a tightening of quarantine measures with checks for incoming international passengers and visitors. October and November are leading into cooler winter months in South Korea.

The 2009 event – the third annual Show – had already attracted 107 international exhibitors from China, Japan, Poland, Sweden, Australia, New Zealand, Finland, France plus local South Korean companies for the event.

“This is a national government directive and a public health issue. The organiser, GnA International Co, is disappointed at the need to cancel the 2009 event however the group looks forward to offering a professional international boat show in 2010,” said Mr Jenkins.

Yacht and Boat Korea 2010 will be staged at Danghangpo (Danghang Port) which is close to the city of Goseong, 14-17 October, 10-5pm daily, easily accessible by air, road or rail from Seoul or the city of Busan.