Dogged detective work and attention to detail by the UK Coastguard has led to a broken down yacht being rescued.

The call came in from the stricken vessel to the Coastguard Operations Centre at Humber at around 8.40pm yesterday evening.

It had left the Netherlands but had got into difficulty and made a 999 call.

Dave Hardy from the UK Coastguard said: ‘Unfortunately the line dropped before the caller could give us any further information other than the length of his yacht.’

‘When he called again, he was able to tell us he was about 14 nautical miles off Lowestoft which is still a massive area to search. His engine and all the electronics had stopped working, he was under sail but there was no wind and he was just drifting.

‘However, using all our skills and knowledge we were able to work out his likely position.’

The UK Coastguard then sent two lifeboats from Goleston and Lowestoft who were able to find the yacht and are currently towing it back to Lowestoft.

Dave added: ‘He also told us they did not have any distress flares on board which would have attracted other vessels’ attention to his location if used.

‘This kind of incident is a reminder that whenever you are planning to go to sea, you should be prepared just in case things go wrong. Carry safety equipment and make sure you have a back up plan.

‘If the worst does happen and should you require help, then call the Coastguard.’