The yacht's sails were 'blown out' by severe weather conditions

A single-handed sailor was rescued by lifeboat volunteers after severe weather conditions left his sails in tatters.

Sennen Cove RNLI volunteers launched at midday on Wednesday, 18 September, to reach the skipper of the 43ft yacht, who was ‘extremely tired and feeling ill’.

The yacht was seven miles northwest of Sennen Cove, Cornwall when the lifeboat crew were alerted. The vessel had been battered by severe weather and the sails were blown out.

When the lifeboat crew arrived on the scene onboard the Tamar class all-weather lifeboat City of London III, two volunteers were transferred to the yacht using the small Y boat, an inflatable kept onboard the Tamar.

They were able to assess the sailor and then take the remains of the sails down and secure the tow with the lifeboat.

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In a north westerly wind of force 4 to 5 with a moderate sea, the lifeboat crew towed the vessel to Newlyn before returning to Cove at 6.15pm.

Terry George, RNLI Coxswain at Sennen Cove, said the yachtsman had clearly faced some difficult conditions.

He added: ‘The boat looked very sorry with the sails in tatters. We’re not sure where he had been or where he was going but he’d clearly faced some horrible

‘The poor chap was very tired and not feeling too good so we were pleased to be able to offer him assistance and take him to a safe harbour.’

Watch a video of the rescue


The storm battered yacht ith its sails in tatters, which was rescued off Sennen Cove. Credit: RNLI/Elliot Andrews
view from the casualty yacht of the Sennen Cove RNLI lifeboat towing
her to Newlyn. Credit: RNLI/Dan Shannon