Holidaymakers visiting the coast near Liverpool will continue to enjoy an installation called 'Another Place'

Cast-iron statues scattered across a 3km stretch of Crosby Beach in Merseyside will become a permanent art installation, although a number of the original 100 identical statues will be removed as they are considered dangerous for visitors to reach, or too close to sensitive wildlife habitats.

The local council refused to give extra planning permission last year to the artist, as some people had complained that the statues are a nuisance due to increased traffic, and dangerous because they encourage people to walk further out to sea.

However, the decision to prevent the statues from remaining on Crosby Beach has been overturned due to popular demand and the artist, Anthony Gormley, who also created the Angel of the North, is overjoyed.

‘I am absolutely delighted with the news of this decision,’ he said. ‘So many people in the area and outside have given their support and shared with me the sense of achievement in creating Another Place in this extraordinary setting.’