Was taking part in Jester Azores Challenge


A solo yachtsman, taking part in the Jester Azores Challenge has been airlifted from his boat after struggling in rough seas.

The Plymouth to Azores event, which is named after Blondie Haslar’s junk-rigged yacht (Trevor Leek’s replica is pictured) and is for singlehanders in yachts that are less than 30 foot, departed the Devon city on May 27.

The 22-footer was 40 miles south of Lizard Point by 0725 on Thursday when the skipper, Peter Evans, activated his EPRIB.

Mr Evans was taken off his boat, Federwolke, at 0904 by a Royal Navy helicopter.

Terry Collins, Falmouth Coastguard, said: ‘The conditions on scene today are not suitable for a small craft such as this and we do advise anyone setting out on the water to take heed of the weather forecasts and do not make journeys in conditions unsuitable for the vessel.’