Teenage solo cruiser Katie McCabe has set her sights on a transatlantic crossing in a 21ft race boat.


The 14-year-old said: “After spending eight weeks on board the lovely Falanda [Morgan Giles] as I completed my circumnavigation of Britain last summer, I only fell more in love with solo sailing, and the excitement and chaos that comes with it.

“So much so that I am now planning on sailing solo across the Atlantic, although this time not aboard Falanda, and not so alone!

“The Mini Transat is a solo transatlantic race, which I hope to take part in, in 2025.

“For the race I will need to buy a Mini 6.50, a little 21ft racing boat, that is smaller, lighter and faster than Falanda.

“The only problem is, the Minis are part of a very special class, so are of course, highly expensive.”

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With limited time until the qualifying races, Katie has launched a crowdfunding bid.

At the time of writing, she had raised £1,765 against a target of £10,000.

Mini Transat entrants are required to complete 1,500nm of class racing and a 1,000nm solo qualifier.

You can donate now to support her cause on Katie McCabe’s Mini Transat 2025 GoFundMe page.