Sponsored canoe trip and auction to raise money for Cancer care

Alpha Yachting, a Solent based yacht charter company have generously offered a day’s yacht charter for auction in support of a trio of British canoe-ists making the voyage of a lifetime down the river Danube this summer.

The auction will be on eBay from 13-23 June. Previous auctions by Alpha have raised as much as £1500.

The charter will include skipper and can be booked after the auction, for any weekday apart from during Cowes week. The winning bidder will pay extra for food and drink, and can bring up to 9 more people.

Three adventurous cousins are aiming to raise money for, and awareness of the work carried out by Cancer Research UK and Cornwall Hospice Care by descending the entire length of the River Danube in open canoes.

They will be camping throughout the self-funded journey with no support team, hoping to cover all 3000km within 6 weeks, though 8 weeks is the likely outside time limit.

For more information on the auction, the charities, or to donate, please visit: www.onapaddleandaprayer.co.uk