More men overboard in prestige regatta

Following Saturday afternoon’s David and Goliath run-in between a 33ft yacht and a 124,000-tonne tanker – which, unsurprisingly, the tanker won – day two of Cowes Week racing produced another spectacular collision.

The cause of Saturday’s incident, when a 33ft yacht passed in front of the 870ft tanker, snagged its spinnaker on the gigantic anchor and was summarily dismasted, is under investigation. Two men went over the side in that incident, although only one required hospitalisation and he was later discharged with no serious injury. The collision was captured on video for

In yesterday’s crash, spectators ashore on the Isle of Wight heard the impact when two Extreme Sailing Series catamarans smashed into each other, pitching two crew members into the sea and ending racing for both boats for the day and possibly longer. There are no reports of injury.

Saturday’s initial light winds gave way to gusts of over 30 knots yesterday. The XOD class racing was called off as nowhere sheltered enough to host the 145-strong fleet could be found. Conditions have now eased and Cowes Week racing continues in hopefully slightly less dramatic fashion.

For full report read the September issue of PBO, out Thursday 18 August 2011.

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