Another section of iconic Poole bridge is installed

Work continues apace on the £37m Twin Sails lifting bridge in Poole, Dorset. The first of its two 30m (100ft) lifting leaf or ‘sail’ sections was manoeuvred into place at around 1600 BST on Tuesday 19 July, and Poole’s Backwater Channel was closed to marine traffic between 0800 and 1800 on Wednesday, 20 July to facilitate installation of the second lifting section.

The new bridge is scheduled to open for use in early 2012. When completed, its overall length will be approximately 139m, and its 10.8m wide carriageway will incorporate two vehicular lanes segregated from two cycle lanes. Additionally, two 2.5m wide footways will be provided, cantilevering from the bridge.

The central opening span comprises two sail-shaped lifting leaves spanning 23.4m between main bearings to provide a clear channel width of 19m between the fenders of the main piers when in the open position.