Fire crews took to the water for the second time in five days to tackle a fire on a 25ft Bayliner

Less than a week after a charter boat was destoyed by fire in Dartmouth a second boat caught ablaze.

Blue Storm, a 25ft Bayliner, caught fire in Dartmouth harbour just five nights after the blaze on the African Queen.

Blue Storm was moored on the Kingswear trots in the harbour, with her owners and their dog on
board, when the fire started.

The owners were unable to extinguish the blaze and escaped in their own tender. They were suffering from smoke inhalation but, following an assessment by a local ambulance crew, able to return to Dartmouth to stay with friends.

The fire was reported to the Coastguard from the shore and the Dart inshore lifeboat was launched at 11.34pm on Saturday, 15 March.

After establishing that no one was on board the fiercely burning boat, the RNLI crew took the Dartmouth Fire Commander, Andy Callan, across the harbour to the scene. He ordered the first Dartmouth fire appliance to again be taken on the Lower ferry to the fire.

The Dart lifeboat then escorted two firemen, with their hose running from the appliance on the ferry, as close to the burning boat as they could safely be.

The fire burnt through the Blue Storm‘s mooring lines and she drifted in the light N.E. wind towards the
Kingswear shore where she grounded. The nearest boats were some 30 metres away and in no immediate danger.

When the fire was extinguished two of the lifeboat volunteers waded through the mud and secured her to the Kingswear shore.

The operation was carried out at very low tide and the tug of the Lower Ferry briefly grounded before being
pulled clear by the inshore lifeboat.

The Torbay RNLI all-weather lifeboat arrived in the harbour at 00.10 but was not able to get close to the scene due to the shallowness of the water. She remained until the Lower ferry was clear of the yacht moorings.

A Devon and Somerset Fire Rescue Service spokesman said: ‘The cause of the fire is believed to be accidential.’

Pictures: The Blue Storm on fire in Dartmouth harbour. Firefighters on board the Lower Ferry fighting the blaze. Credit: Andy Kyle