One half of the 1000-day non-stop cruising couple abandons ship after nearly a year...

Seasickneess has ended the dream for one half of the sailing couple attempting to circumnavigate the southern hemisphere four times non-stop.

25-year-old novice sailor, Soanya Ahmad, joined skipper, 56-year-old Reid Stowe at New York in April 2007. They were attempting to sail without visiting harbour for 1000 days non-stop, while circumnavigating the globe four times.

However, months of intermittent mal de mer since the steel-hulled schooner,Anneentered the Southern Ocean, has convinced Ahmad that a life at sea is not for her. She wrote on the project’s website: ‘I feel two more years of this would not be good for me and so I have decided to leave the boat.’

Skipper, Reid Stowe, is to continue single-handed after Ahmad was transferred to a waiting motorboat off Perth, last week, and continues to write entries on the website After the departure of his crew, he wrote:

‘We said hello on DAY 1 of the 1000 Days voyage. Now we’re saying good-bye, ending the first chapter of this ocean odyssey.”

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