...and raises concerns about the loss of amenity to leisure boaters and the potential impact on marine businesses

The Royal Yachting Association (RYA) has submitted its summary of views regarding the application for development consent for Navitus Bay Wind Park.

It comes as part of the Planning Inspectorate’s pre-examination process.

The RYA has responded at every stage to the developer’s pre-application consultation proposals and many of the points addressed have been resolved to our satisfaction.
The representation includes an outline of the principal points the RYA may wish to comment on in a written submission once it has fully analysed the application documentation.
Stuart Carruthers, RYA Cruising Manager, said: ‘Our primary concern is with any aspect of the development which may increase risks to navigation for leisure boaters, the suitability of any measures proposed to mitigate such risks and their applicability to small craft.
‘Navitus Bay Wind Park, which would be located off the Dorset coast, is one of the two proposed UK offshore wind farms that would be within 12nm of the shore.

‘The area is immensely popular with leisure craft and busy with a variety of commercial craft. As such there are concerns surrounding the loss of amenity to leisure boaters and the potential impact of this on the local businesses dependent on them”.
The RYA will continue to be involved in the Planning Inspectorate’s examination process as it moves forward.
Read more on the Planning Inspectorate’s planning stages on the RYA website.
Planning Inspectorate website

Picture: An offshore windfarm. Credit: London Array Limited