HRH Princess Anne launches a new recycling initiative to help the environment and sailing for the disabled

HRH Princess Anne officially launched the new Sailability and The Green Blue recycling initiative on thursday at the boat show.

The project is designed to generate funds for both the Green Blue and Sailability’s disabled sailing programs in the UK through recycling high-value disposable electronic items such as mobile phones and printer cartridges.

Working with recycling company Reclaim-it, for every phone and cartridge donated, depending upon make and model, a cash donation, anything from 25p to £50, will be made to RYA Sailability and The Green Blue. The money will be split 50/50 helping both the environment and disabled sailors

With some 50 million mobile phones in circulation in the UK and over 310 million Inkjet cartridges and 10 million laser toner cartridges consumed in Western Europe this new scheme will allow people to donate their old phones and cartridges whilst at the same time raising money for both schemes.

After speaking with members of Sailability, The Green Blue and some of their supporters HRH Princess Anne said: “Bringing these two schemes together to raise funds is almost too good to be true, and they’re doing it thanks to rubbish!

“With the sheer number of phones and cartridges out there, having a way to get rid of them and make use of them is invaluable whilst also benefitting these great initiatives.”

Morna Hughes, from Sailability said: “RYA Sailability are delighted and honoured that HRH the princess royal has again shown her enormous support by launching this exciting fundraising initiative where we have partnered with The Green Blue. We have been overwhelmed by the support we have already received and look forward to seeing this project gaining national support.

“Our thanks also go to PSP for sponsoring this event.”

As for the phones themselves they are put to good use in the third world and the cartridges get remanufactured to be used again.

Sarah Brown, Project Manager for The Green Blue said: “This is a fantastic initiative for anyone passionate about sailing, the environment and the great work done by RYA Sailability; providing disabled people with access to the wonderful sport of sailing.

“Every penny helps run these great schemes and this is an excellent way to show your support in a simple and environmentally friendly way.”