Sutton Harbour Holdings plc has submitted a revised planning application for its Boardwalk harbourside regeneration scheme in Sutton Harbour

Sutton Harbour Holdings plc has submitted a revised planning application for its Boardwalk harbourside regeneration scheme in Sutton Harbour.

The ‘substantially reduced in size’ Boardwalk is a key part of the Sutton Harbour Vision that aims to create more than 1,300 jobs and generate £48million per annum for the local economy by regenerating sites around the harbour over the next five to 10 years.

The latest scheme includes major changes to the original plans in response to extensive consultation with stakeholders including local residents, businesses, Plymouth City Council, English Heritage and the Environment Agency.

The Boardwalk includes a decked walkway over the Harbour to link Guy’s Quay with Vauxhall Quay, creating a continuous waterfront route that connects with the northern and eastern sides of Sutton Harbour.

The reduced size Boardwalk scheme would include two restaurants – instead of four – and one pavilion instead of three kiosks.

Sutton Harbour Boardwalk scheme map

Sutton Harbour Boardwalk scheme map

‘Commercial space cut by half’

Jon Turner, director of projects at Sutton Harbour Holdings plc, said: ‘The Boardwalk remains a vital element of the Sutton Harbour Vision and we have taken on board a wide range of comments resulting in a redesigned scheme which is substantially reduced in size.

‘We have cut the amount of commercial space by half so there are two restaurants instead of four, and just one pavilion instead of three kiosks. The two restaurants are now single storey, and the boardwalk itself is smaller so there is much more open water.

“The new design is also more in keeping with the local setting and borrows its design from local buildings like the old Fish Market and the timber and stone warehouses that originally lined the Harbour, so the new buildings will be clad in timber and glass.

‘We are also planning to introduce a new harbour ferry service, and there will be other improvements to the harbour’s rich historic fabric as well as tidying up the quay edge and nearby spaces. We believe this is an exciting opportunity to continue the transformation of Sutton Harbour into a destination of regional importance and national significance as part of Britain’s Ocean City.’

Mr Turner said the revised plans, which have now been submitted to Plymouth City Council for determination, had been well received during a consultation event in October with more than three quarters of attendees agreeing that the changes were a step in the right direction.

Peter Hartland, chief executive of Plymouth Chamber of Commerce said: ‘I welcome these plans for the new Sutton Harbour Boardwalk.

‘Having taken on board feedback from the public these revised plans look exciting. Plymouth has a vision to become one of Europe’s finest, most vibrant waterfront cities, and with proposed developments like these, it is clear to see that we are taking significant strides towards this goal.’
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Amanda Lumley, chief executive of Destination Plymouth, said. ‘Our ambition is that Plymouth will be the UK’s premier marine city by 2020, famous for its waterfront, and we need the sort of quality investment being proposed in the Boardwalk to make that a reality.

‘Filling in the missing link around the harbour and creating a family-friendly destination will be a considerable draw for visitors and an asset to our waterfront, especially in the build-up to the Mayflower 2020 celebrations, which are only five years away.’