A deserted 66ft schooner has been found drifting off Sardinia, with a half-eaten meal on the table.

Police are investigating the mysterious disappearance of the crew of a 66ft schooner found drifting off the coast of Sardinia. Onboard was a half-eaten meal, maps of the Mediterranean, piles of clothes and a punctured tender.

The yacht, which has no name or other markings, was found drifting off the coast of Punta Volpe, an area regarded as a millionaire’s playground. A plaque bearing the name Bel Amica was found onboard but police have been unable to trace the name on the Shipping Register.

Coastguards boarded the vessel minutes before it would have been dragged onto rocks, and towed her back to the port of Olbia. It’s not known if the yacht was intentionally abandoned, or whether it may have been subject to a piracy attack.