Wiley nautical almanac trades free books for good info

Keeping up with the ever-shifting sands of accurate pilotage information has always been a challenge for cartographers and nautical almanac editors. And the free-to-download Almanac from Wiley Nautical is no different.

How well do you know your home port?

A press release from the multinational publishing company reads as follows:

The Wiley Nautical online almanac editors rely on respected sources for their data but realise the importance of ‘local knowledge’ to maintain accuracy in the Ports & Harbours pages, which cover over 150 locations along the English Channel, Thames Estuary and the Belgian/French coast from Zeebrugge to Brest.

With this in mind, Wiley has started to put together a network of Harbour Representatives to feed local nautical information to the editor, thereby giving fellow sailors the benefit of their local knowledge.

In return, Wiley is offering complementary copies of two Wiley Nautical books each year from its extensive list of over 140 titles.

To apply or find out more, prospective Harbour Representatives should email the editor, Neville Featherstone, n.featherstone@tiscali.co.uk with a summary of nautical experience and qualifications and which harbour/s you would be happy to represent.

Representatives should know their own harbour/s well, be of an enquiring mind with an ear to the ground and enjoy a good working relationship with the harbour master.