Laser dinghy designer relaunches it as the 'Kirby Torch'

Laser dinghy designer is relaunching his sailboat under the new name of ‘Kirby

designer Bruce Kirby said he had ‘no choice’ but to withdraw Laser brand
building rights in North America and Europe following a dispute about royalty

name change was required because the Laser trademark
is held by the former builder LaserPerformance.

As the Kirby Torch brand, Bruce Kirby’s design
will continue to be sold world-wide as a one design class.

accelerate this outcome, Kirby Torch builders have agreed that all ISAF-plaqued
Lasers are class legal in the Kirby Torch fleet.

Kirby said: ‘Frankly it’s more about the boat and sailors than about the dollars.

class was heading downhill fast and needed to be re-booted.  The only way we
could do that was by re-branding.

hoping that all national bodies as well as ISAF and ICLA will climb aboard.’

a statement, the UK Laser Association said: ‘Whilst there is uncertainty about
the international situation of the Laser class the UK Laser Association would
like to reassure its members that all the UKLA events shown on the website
calendar are going ahead.

‘And, at this time, the committee plans to update the members in the next issue of GYBE, which will be published at the end of May or beginning of June.’