Pirate costumes and parades crowded the streets for a successful Poole Afloat

Pirates and boaters clashed boisterously over the weekend on Poole Quay as two big annual events – Poole Afloat and the Harry Paye Charity Fun Day – were thronged by young and old alike.

Families out on Saturday’s Fun Day were dressed as pirates and following a grand procession went through Poole. Musicians and majorettes twirling batons, plus the occasional skull and crossbones-carrying biker paraded past stands of nautical interest to encourage people to try boating.

Poole Afloat event organiser, James Sydenham said: ‘We are thrilled to be celebrating our 10th anniversary and really feel the event has grown to be a part of Poole’s culture. With a selection of the latest RIBs, powerboats and yachts in full view, the event gives a variety of people an excuse to have fun with boating on a number of levels.’

The message was very much about getting people interested in boating, with the free Try-a-Boat stand allowing you to sign up for a session aboard one of four marine craft, including a RIB, powerboat and sailing yacht.

Unlike in previous years everything was contained along the quay, which made the event simple to navigate and allowed for easy access to refreshments. Despite the Round the Island race occurring on the Saturday, there were plenty of people in attendance, with one woman PBO spoke to commenting that the crowds seemed bigger than last year.

James Sydenham explained, ‘This was the 10th year of running the event, combined with the Harry Paye Day event, and there was huge interest from the general public. This has, by far, been the most successful Poole Afloat that we’ve ever run – and that’s for all concerned, not just the exhibitors.’

With so much free family entertainment and so many people passing through, a lot of boats and boat engines were sold, with exhibitors claiming the day a huge success.

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