This August, up to 50 vessels will cross the 'Great Pacific garbage patch' in parallel, in what aims to be the largest ocean research expedition in history.

Sailing from Hawaii to Los Angeles, The Ocean Cleanup’s Mega Expedition will cover 3,500,000 m2, and aims to collect more plastic measurements in three weeks than has been collected in the past 40 years combined.

A compact surface trawl dragged behind each vessel will catch the smaller plastics – the novel design does not require the vessels to slow down during deployment.

The Ocean Cleanup's Mega Expedition map

Mega Expedition map

Yachts are being invited to become part of this historic event this August.

Reasons to join:

  1. Your contribution will help rid the oceans of plastic
  2. You will get to visit the great pacific garbage patch yourself
  3. A significant part of the costs will be covered by The Ocean Cleanup
  4. Through its global coverage, your contribution will be internationally recognized
  5. The Ocean Cleanup takes care of all equipment, logistics, and will even arrange a volunteer to do the measurements

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