Don't leave survival to chance

Ocean Safety is to introduce a new series of marine safety courses for Spring 2009, ahead of next season.

The aim is to provide crews and families with vital instruction on how to use their safety equipment and how best to work as a team, in the event of an emergency at sea. Based on one of the standard formats, each course can be tailored for each individual crew or family’s needs, power or sail, racing or cruising. Clear instructions on the use of life saving and
survival equipment, are combined with a practical side, so everyone on the course is actively involved.

The courses are designed to cover topics such as liferaft and lifejacket selection, EPIRB use, man overboard recovery systems and use of fire extinguishers. Deployment of life saving appliances is a key element, as well as the different types of pyrotechnics (flares) and their use. Delegates on the courses are also invited to bring along their own safety equipment and take advantage of a pool session, where they can familiarise themselves with their own boat’s equipment. Working together
as a team in an emergency situation is a key to survival and the crew will be shown how best to look after themselves and each other once the decision has been made to ‘abandon ship’.

Further information can be obtained by phoning Chris Waterman on 023 8072 0800 or email