Hamble river boatyard plans new layout for berths at Bursledon

A River Hamble boatyard will be redesigning its marina this autumn. Deacons will be replacing most of their river pontoons and alongside berthing with finger pontoons, to provide more convenient walk on access and additional deep water berths.

 Deacons say that the layout of the existing network of pontoons is nearly fifty years old and the channels too narrow for many modern cruisers. The new plan will provide more all tide deep water berths and give all berth holders access to water and power.
The project is the culmination of a long term program of developments and improvements to the facilities and services at Deacons Boatyard over the last ten years. Lucas Shotts, Managing Director says ‘we have invested a huge amount in the business in recent years.We have tried to modernise the facilities and services while retaining the essential character and ambience of the site.’

There are also a new cafe and toilet and shower facilities on site.