The Cruising Association says the tax will be implemented from 1 January 2014

A new Greek tax for boat owners has become
law and will be implemented from 1 January.

new tax of up to 400 euros a year will affect owners of all boats over 7m, which are used for leisure

previously reported by PBO, the tax has been voted on and accepted in the
Greek Parliament.

the Cruising Association has heard that it has been published in the
Government gazette and confirmed as law.

Baerselman from the Cruising Association said: ‘I am working with the Swedish,
French and German yachting organisations active in the Mediterranean.

are sharing information and working out the common approach looking for
concessions from the Greek tax. We are aware we can’t change the tax as it is.
We are also informing the Italians about our progress.

of us will be contacting embassies and we will be advising our members and the
public on lines of approach to take which may be successful.’

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