Baffled by batteries?

The array of electronics on board the average cruising boat would make a yachtsman from a few decades ago stare. One company is to launch a ’12 Volt electrics course’ at the London Boat Show in response to this phenomenon.

The one day course is to be taught by Campbell de Burgh, long standing yachtsman and the author of “Essential Electronics: A skippers Guide to Electrical Systems”. Run by Stormforce Coaching, the course is shore based and hands on and is intended to compliment the existing range of one day yacht and powerboat maintenance courses run by Stormforce Coaching, namely the RYA Diesel, BSAC Outboard and their home grown Rigging & Deck Hardware Course.

Stormforce Coaching Principal, Doug Innes said: ‘In this day and age of electronic based navigation, the safety benefits of being able to troubleshoot electrical problems at sea are obvious, as is the cost saving of being able to do some of this work yourself.’