Have you passed through the Gulf of Aden this year?

Yachtsmen who are considering passing through the Gulf of Aden or who have recent experience, are invited to a meeting at the MSCHOA (Maritime Security Centre, Horn of Africa) headquarters in Northwood, London.

The international naval
authorities have issued an invitation through ISAF (the International
Sailing Federation) to yachtsmen with recent experience of the area or
who are considering passage, to a meeting on Tuesday 19 October 2010 at

ISAF’s guidelines are available on their website, at www.sailing.org/piracy and tally with those of the UKFCO, who advise yachtsmen to avoid the area. ‘The danger of piracy and consequent loss of life and property in the GoA (Gulf of Aden), Yemeni and the Somali waters (up to 750 miles offshore), is high. Yachts are strongly recommended to avoid the area.’ The guidelines make an interesting read, and advise yachts to leave AIS transponders on so that the international warships in the area can track them.

 Yachts continue to transit the area in organised convoys, often by staying close to the well-policed Yemeni coastline – where, last season, there were no piracy incidents involving yachts.
For invitations to attend the London meeting please contact ISAF