IOR yachts hope to emulate Quarter Ton success story

Following the Quarter Ton class‘s success in building their antiquated fleet into one of the hottest racing fleets around, another group of IOR raceboats are hoping to emulate their success.

The Mini-Tonner class has been set up by Limbo 6.6 owner Matt Atkins, who says he was fed up of racing much bigger boats in club racing. He hopes the class will  build support and encourage racing for yachts of around 20-23ft, built to the IOR Mini Ton rule, most of which fall below the entry requirements for the quarter ton rule. 

Historically, the IOR Mini Tonner class of yachts included not only one-off racing yachts – but it also spawned many designs that became ‘One-Design’ or production mini ton boats, such as the E-Boat, Limbo 6.6 and Hunter Sonata. Many of these ceased production some years ago , so to keep things current the group hopes to include:

1. Yachts approx 20-24ft (6m-7.5m) i.e sub-Quarter Ton size yachts, that
had an IOR rating of not less than 16.5ft.
2. Yachts that were designed/built prior to 1996, and
are still within in ‘the spirit of the Mini Ton Rule’.
3. We may make special dispensations/rulings
to allow yachts if necessary.  However, they should be in within the design scope of these simple rules. Essentially,

these are sporty sailing cruisers, but not extreme designs and so, NOT
including SBR Class Sports boats, or Classe-Mini 6.50’s etc.

The class hopes to race with the resurgent Quarter Ton fleet this year, at their Vice Admiral’s Cup and the Poole Regatta.

Visit the new Mini Tonner class website at