Military flares found on beaches in Mablethorpe area of Lincolnshire coast

Yarmouth Coastguard is urging members of the public to stay away from military marine marker flares that have been washing up on shores in the Mablethorpe area.

Flares have been sighted in the Theddlethorpe area of Lincolnshire along to Moggs Eye but may be found further north or south than this. Coastguards have asked the public to keep a sharp lookout.

The flares are described as being a metal tube, approximately 16in long and 2-3in diameter. They may be marked military marine marker flare, and display a warning that they contain phosphorous.

The advice from Yarmouth Coastguard is not to pick up or touch these flares as they are dangerous and may contain phosphorous which can cause severe burns.

Anyone sighting a military marine marker flare, is asked to contact Yarmouth Coastguard by dialling 999 or directly on their Operations Room number at 01493 851338.