The marina staff at Shamrock Quay rescued unconscious boat owner Chrissie Cockburn after she lost her balance and fell from a pontoon into the water

Four members of staff at Shamrock Quay marina in Southampton have been recognised for their bravery after they rescued a boat owner who had fallen into the water.

Chrissie Cockburn, who has her boat moored at the MDL marina, was walking along a pontoon when she lost her balance and fell.

The incident, which happened on 26 May 2017, was witnessed by the marina manager, Jonathan Walcroft and marina supervisor, Barry Radband, who rushed to the scene, alongside boatyard supervisor, Andy Trim and marina operative, Colin Cool.

Andy and Colin pulled an unconscious Chrissie from the water.

In recognition of their actions, the four men have now ben awarded with Royal Humane Society commendations. These are presented for acts of bravery in the saving of human life and for effecting successful resuscitations.

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Chrissie, who has since made a full recovery, said she was extremely grateful to her four rescuers for their swift actions.

“Unfortunately I was not wearing a life jacket at the time as I was simply walking along the pontoon from my boat, Ilkallia. I tried to steady myself, but misjudged the distance to the hose reel station and toppled into the water. I’m now fit and well and back enjoying life on the water,” she said.

The Royal Humane Society Awards were presented to the team from Shamrock Quay by the managing director at MDL Marinas, Lesley Robinson.

“We’re extremely proud of the team at Shamrock Quay. Without their swift action, the outcome could have been a lot different. Our marina teams all undergo extensive first aid and life saving training, but it’s very rare that their skills are put to the test in this way,” she said.

“It’s great to see that they all kept their heads and their training kicked in. Congratulations to Jonathan, Andy, Barry and Colin on their Royal Humane Society Awards, which are very much deserved”.