The casualty was airlifted to hospital after falling from a tanker

A man was rescued after falling from a tanker into the sea off Pembrokeshire.

RNLI volunteers launched their all-weather lifeboat just after 6.30pm on Monday night, following a request by Milford Haven Coastguard.

the lifeboat arrived the scene, three miles south west of St Ann’s Head, the man had been pulled from the water by the
company’s pilot boat.

Luckily for the casualty, a person on a nearby
tug had seen the man falling from the tanker and the pilot boat had
immediately attended to help pull him from the water.

An RNLI crew member was
transferred onto the pilot boat to assess the
casualty and gave him first aid until the RAF helicopter arrived.

casualty was then winched from the pilot boat by helicopter and
transferred to hospital.

Lewis Creese, Angle RNLI Coxswain said: ‘It
was very lucky that someone spotted the man fall from the tanker last
night, and if it wasn’t for the quick reaction of the crew from the tug
and pilot boat the outcome could have been very different.’

Picture credit: RNLI/Angle