Felucca capsized during Nile cruise

A British man has died saving his wife’s life after their Egyptian felucca capsized on the Nile.

Luke Day and his wife Sophie Nicholson-Cole, from Norwich, married
in April and were enjoying the latest part of an extended honeymoon,
sailing on the Nile, when their wooden felucca turned over in a sudden
gust of wind near Aswan.

Mr Day, 31, opened a hatch on the boat to free Dr Nicholson-Cole,
also 31, and two other tourists. He then became trapped beneath the
upturned craft and drowned.

Dr Nicholson-Cole, a climate change expert at the University of East
Anglia, spent three hours repeatedly diving into the murky water of the
river to search for her husband. Onlookers said that she wept as his
body was eventually recovered and brought to shore.

According to her father, a storm had blown in from the desert
at about 3am, capsizing the boat and trapping the couple and their

“They were sheltering under the foredeck while they were battered with this torrential rain which flattened the Nile,” he said.

“Within two minutes the water went from being completely flat to
having metre-high waves which started swamping these wooden boats.

“They had to scramble out of the hatch. Luke was helping everyone -
but he just didn’t make it. There would have been ropes and obstacles
on the boat and he must have got caught up as it went under.”

Many onlookers, some of whom were locals who had lost their houses
in the storm, helped to gather the couple’s belongings and handed them
in to officials, according to Mr Nicholson-Cole.

Dr Nicholson-Cole sought assistance from two passing cruise ships,
but was ignored. She was taken to a nearby hospital, which had no
electricity. After being questioned by police, she flew back to England


Full Story: Times Online