After asking for directions, this time he runs aground

A solo sailor, who was rescued last week after asking directions from a passing ship, has been rescued again by the RNLI.

Andrew Brown was first rescued on Thursday when he approached a wind farm workboat to ask ‘which way to Hull?’

Two days later Mr Brown again departed Great Yarmouth in his 19-foot yacht, Aloysia, this time aiming for Boston.

But again he made the journey without charts, a VHF or a GPS and was trying to navigate with a road atlas.

The rescue happened when the yacht ran aground in the tricky approaches to Wells, Norfolk, as Mr Brown headed for port after struggling with engine problems.

He refloated Aloysia and was then towed into Wells Harbour by the Wells inshore lifeboat (pictured on a previous voyage) at around noon on Saturday.

Wells lifeboat coxswain Allen Frary told the Daily Mail: ‘I’m trying to find a printable way of putting it – I think the man was completely foolhardy, really.

‘It is absolutely unacceptable for people to put to sea without basic navigational equipment and safety equipment.

‘He is putting his own life at risk and wasting the time and resources of the RNLI.’

According to the Eastern Daily Press, Mr Frary has heard conflicting rumours that Mr Brown will either put the yacht on a trailer and transport it by land or he will replace his broken outboard motor with a bigger one and attempt the journey again.

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