A single-handed sailor was discovered sitting on his yacht’s upturned hull, 20 miles off the County Wexford coast, Ireland.

The Irish Coast Guard Rescue coordination centre in Dublin coordinated the successful rescue of the sailor who had triggered his Personal Locator Beacon (PLB) at approximately 8pm last night.

The PLB alerted the Marine Rescue Centre (MRCC) in Dublin of his position. The Waterford Coast Guard helicopter (R117) was immediately tasked to the position.

The lone yachtsman was spotted sitting on the hull of his upturned vessel and was winched to safety by the Coast Guard helicopter and transferred to Waterford Regional hospital.

Irish Coast Guard helicopter

A Coast Guard spokesman highlighted the importance of observing two important safety rules when going to sea; a capacity to stay afloat if you do fall in the water and a capacity to communicate or raise the alert. This latest incident confirms the importance of these two basic approaches.

Jean Conchaudron, said on the Irish Coast Guard Facebook page: ‘I am Jean, the French skipper rescued by R117. I broken my keel and capsized, weather conditions was quite good. I want to thanks my heroes, the Irish Coastguards who saved my life and gave me a new chance.

‘I was lucky and born again on 26 of July. To anybody who do sailing: Give yourself a chance to stay alive, keep your PLB in the pocket of your trousers, not only have it in the boat, be a warrior to survive and be sure all will be done to save your life if you can send your mayday and can communicate your position, keep you out of water to not loose quickly your temperature and die.

‘Stay calm and conscious, do not fall asleep, rescue will do all for you until giving their own live.

‘Thanks again to these guys.

‘My Mini 6.50, Mahi Mahi, number 111, is still adrift, and I am looking for… but the principal is here, I am alive.’