Dunkirk vessel sunk in Scotland for sale on eBay for £1

Skylark IX, probably Scotland’s last original Dunkirk little ship, is for sale on eBay for just £1 – but the buyer has to raise her.

The 1934-built vessel, on which 600 soldiers escaped from Dunkirk in WWII’s Operation Dynamo, had been used to take Dunkirk veterans on poppy-scattering trips on Loch Lomond for three decades before she sank at her moorings in Balloch, Dumbartonshire in 2010.

Although she is in a sorry (and indeed soggy) state, Leven Cruising Club think she can still be saved and restored. While offering her for sale to anyone with the means to raise her, they offer a working party to help in the operation. There are currently eight days left on the online auction, with bids starting at £1.

Skylark IX was one of a series of motor boats built between 1913 and 1936 by J Bolson & Son of Poole to carry passengers around the bay at Bournemouth.

eBay auction of Skylark IX