1.2 tonnes of cocaine found hidden in 65ft cruiser in Southampton

Officals have recovered 1.2 tonnes of cocaine that was hidden under a 65ft motor yacht’s bathing platform.

The seizure, the UK’s largest of a Class A drug, was made from the motor yacht Louise in Southampton two months ago. The international gang has since been arrested.

The 90% pure drugs were so well hidden it took six days to find them. They had originated in the Caribbean and were en route to the Netherlands. Dutch police have arrested six men.

French authorities were alerted to the Louise while it was in
the Caribbean in May and it was then tracked to Southampton, on its way
to Holland.

Officials spent six days searching the vessel and found the
drugs packed in a specially-designed compartment beneath the boat’s
bathing platform, the UK Border Agency said.

It is understood the cocaine, which originated in South America, was packed inside the boat while it was in Venezuela.