Japanese skipper, Minoru Saito, forced to accept tow after rounding Cape Horn

Rounding Cape Horn westbound on his eighth solo circumnavigation, 75-year-old Japanese skipper, Minoru Saito, was disabled by a severe storm and was forced to return to South America under tow.

Photo: 75-year-old Minoru Saito being inducted into Single-handed Sailing Hall of Fame, Yachting Museum, Newport, R.I., July, 2006.

Initial problems with battens in his main were compounded when he fell and injured himself.

Radar problems, autopilot problems and then radio antenna problems added to the skipper’s woe until finally a rudder breakage and the near loss of his liferaft in 10m high swells, meant he was forced to call for help.

According to sailworld.com, the Chilean Navy sent a factory ship to tow him back to Punta Arenas, which is now requesting he pay a fee.

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