RYA changes entry criteria for International Certificate of Competence

The RYA has announced that changes will be made to the issuing criteria of the International Certificate of Competence (ICC) to make it available to boaters other than British nationals.


the RYA was only able to issue the ICC to British nationals and

residents, which meant that anyone who completed an RYA course and was

not a British national or resident wouldn’t be eligible to apply to the

RYA for an ICC. This new amendment to Resolution 40, which regulates

the issue of ICC including to whom it can be issued, syllabus

requirements and layout of the certificate, means the RYA will now be

able to issue it to the nationals of non-United Nations Economic Commission for

Europe (UNECE) countries and to USA and

Canadian nationals as well.


restrictions do still apply and the eligibility criteria for issue of

an RYA ICC will become a little more complex”, explains Richard Falk,

RYA Training Manager. “The RYA will continue to not be able to issue

the ICC to nationals of most UNECE member countries, including the likes of Croatia,

France, Norway and Portugal, unless they are British nationals.

 There is no change to proof of competence needed to get an ICC or how it can be used.


ICC allows the holder to voyage internationally but only where the

country being visited has chosen to accept it and subject to any

prescriptions made by the visited country, it does not work as the

boating equivalent of the EU driving licence as is often the

misconception. Pleasure boaters must remember to comply with the

regulations of both the country of registration (the Flag State) and the

requirements of the visited country (the Coastal State).

 More information about the ICC can be found on the RYA website at www.rya.org.uk/go/icc