All 489 passengers disembarked safely after the ship was assisted by tugs

The Sirena Seaways ferry, which operates from Denmark to Harwich, struck the quay at Parkeston, Essex whilst berthing in strong winds.

Coastguard was first contacted just after midday on Saturday, 22, June, with reports that the
ferry had been damaged.

The ship sustained structural damage and initially began taking on water, but this was soon
stopped and the water level was brought under control.

The Walton Coastguard Rescue Team, the Harwich RNLI lifeboat, the
harbour launch boat, the search and rescue helicopter from RAF Wattisham attended, along with a number of other nearby vessels and

With the help of tugs, the ferry was moved clear of
the berth and positioned to go on to a vacant berth at the port.

At 2.45pm the ferry was brought alongside at Harwich International Port
and all 489 passengers on board disembarked. No one was injured and
there was no reported pollution.

Aimee Rampton, Watch Manager at Thames Coastguard, said: ‘Thames Coastguard assisted Harwich International Port with the
co-ordination of this incident.

‘We had a very successful outcome today,
489 people onboard and no injuries incurred.’

Picture credits

Caption 1: Harwich lifeboat stands by when a ferry is damaged after being blown onto a pontoon. Credit: RNLI/Isla Reynolds

Caption 2: Harwich ferry blown onto pontoon Credit- RNLI