Converting your engine to Marine Gas could save you over 60% in running costs

Converting your engine to Marine Gas/Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) could save you over 60% in running costs claims a south coast marina.

To prove the point, Hamble Marine Ltd is having an Open Day on the benefits of this affordable fuel, on Saturday 12 May, 10am till 4pm. The marina is in Shore Road, Warsash.

The main focus will be converting your boat’s engine to run on LPG, which currently costs around 45p a litre and is not expected to rise even when the tax on marine diesel increases in 2008.

Other benefits claimed by Hamble Marine include:
* Kinder to the environment, since fumes and smoke are reduced
* Marine Gas gives a comparable performance to that of petrol, and converting costs roughly a quarter of a diesel re-engine
* Better safety, since an electronic management system constantly monitors for any leaks and shuts things down before they reach a dangerous level

On the day there will be staff from Hamble Marine to answer questions and offer advice, along with staff from installation firms to discuss what’s involved in converting your boat. There will also be happy boat owners who have made the switch, along with their vessels, so you can hear first hand accounts.

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