Do you fancy taking part in a one hour show to be broadcast every fortnight?

Information TV, Sky channel 167 has started up a new boating TV programme and the editor wants to hear from boat owners.

Check out the website to view the latest clips 

Each one-hour programme will feature four times a week for a fortnight on Information TV, but all clips from past programmes will be available to download from the website:

The editor, Chris Gosling, also writes a blog, inviting boat owners to contribute ideas for the programme, stating:

‘One of the most important (and most unusual) features of our production style is that we are far more responsive to our viewers than most TV shows. You can contact me – the programme’s producer and main presenter – through this blog, and through the little programme forum we run. I get onto this blog a couple of times most weeks, and into the forum virtually every day – so if you have a point to make, or a point of view to express, we’ll be glad to hear from you.’