Vessel sank off Linney Head

Four men were rescued from a liferaft off Linney Head on the Pembrokeshire coast after their fishing vessel hit a rock and sank.

 The men had been in the fishing vessel ‘Kerloch J235′ which was on passage from Lundy to Milford Haven when it hit Crow Rock off Linney Head. A 999 call alerted the coastguard, and around the same time a red flare was sighted about 1.5 nautical miles off the headland and reported to the Coastguard from the fishing vessel `Dolly Ann’. This vessel then began to proceed to the site of the
flare and had picked up the men by 1800.

Graham Warlow, Duty Watch Manager at Milford Haven Coastguard said

“We have informed the Marine Accident Investigation Branch of this incident and the UK Hydrographic Office will also be aware. Fortunately the weather was fairly benign today and the site of the sinking is not too far off the coast. We would also like to thank the crew of the ‘Dolly Ann’ who responded promptly when they sighted the red flare, and also to the crews of other vessels who fesponded so quickly to our rebroadcast Mayday signal.”