DEFRA guidelines issued to all boaters thinking of heading abroad

The Maritime and Coastguard Agency are making boaters aware that due to the foot and mouth disease out-break, DEFRA has issued a ban prohibiting the export or taking ashore abroad of UK bought meat and diary products by any UK sea vessel, including recreational craft.

This ban includes sandwiches, packed lunches, food for self-catering and includes fresh, chilled, frozen, tinned, preserved and processed meat, milk and dairy products. Anything containing produce from susceptible animals including cattle, pigs, goats, sheep and deer must be dealt with accordingly.

The restrictions also apply to any waste that may arise from consumption of UK meat and dairy whilst onboard, which must be returned to the UK by the offending vessels or disposed of safely by consulting the receiving port to ensure local biosecurity measures are observed.

The MCA statement reads: “meat and meat products, milk and dairy products sourced within Great Britain for consumption onboard any vessel including recreational craft should not be landed abroad, nor any waste stemming from the consumption of these products.