Video footage: A bottle-nosed dolphin spotted and filmed playing in the Solent

A bottle-nosed dolphin caught on video in the Solent, seemed to be enjoying itself entertaining the crew of a powerboat, over the weekend.

Click here to watch some footage of dolphin playing in the Solent 

The dolphin was first sighted by skipper Colin Bunday when it started following his motoryacht. Bunday was able to film the dolphin for more than 15 minutes, frolicking alongside the boat, before it swam away.

He said: ‘We did a circle in the boat and it started jumping out in [its] wake? we could see it clearly swimming under the bow. It was playing with the boat for about 15 minutes before it disappeared.’

Mr Bunday decided to nickname the dolphin ‘Fred’.

Local and national newspapers have been heavily featuring other sea creatures over the summer, including ‘Dolly’ the dolphin (Portsmouth Evening News) as well as the Sun newspaper’s St Ives Great White Shark tale, which turned out to be a bit of a red herring.