Up to 600 turbines could be situated off the North East coast


boaters living and sailing on the North East coast of the Humber and

Bridlington are being urged to have their say on a proposed offshore wind energy development.

The proposed Dogger Bank Creyke Beck will comprise of two offshore wind farms, which could include up to 600 turbines.

The second and final stage of the

pre-application consultation began on Friday, 19 April, and will run until Tuesday, 11 June.

As well as the publication of documents, plans

and maps, the consultation will include a series of public events held in venues along

the proposed cable route, from Ulrome to

Cottingham, in the East Riding of Yorkshire.

The consultation follows more than three years of

environmental impact assessment work including onshore and offshore

surveys, consultation and reviews.


Dogger Bank wind farm zone is situated 125km off the East Yorkshire coast and

is the largest of the Round Three wind farm zones.


Beck A and B are the first of the wind farms being built in the zone, with the

Teesside wind farms only a few months behind in the process.

The Royal Yachting Association is urging all recreational boaters to make their

views about the scheme known.

A spokesman said: ‘Whilst

the RYA is lobbying at a national level to ensure the safety of navigation

through all wind farms, it is of equal importance that you are making your

views heard at the local level as part of the developer’s statutory local

community consultation process.


RYA, as the national body, is not deemed to be local and as such cannot be part

of this local community consultation process.


makes it ever more important that you make sure your views are heard.

‘This is a key opportunity for

all interested parties and members of the public to submit their comments and

to influence the consent application before it is submitted to the Planning


Six public events

will be held in May to enable stakeholders, in particular the local community living

near the proposed cable route, to find out more about the proposed

project and to give their comments and opinions

Click here to view the consultation documents electronically, find them at local libraries or frop into the public events being held at the following locations:

Ulrome Rickaby Hall, Ulrome, YO25 8TP, Tuesday 7 May, 2pm-7.30pm

Beeford Community Centre, Beeford, YO25 8AY, Wednesday 8 May, 2pm-7.30pm

Bridlington Spa, South Marine Drive, Bridlington, YO15 3HJ, Thursday 9 May. 11am-6pm

Beverley Arms Hotel, Beverle, HU17 8DD, Friday 10 May, 2pm-7.30pm

Cottingham Civic Hall, Cottingham, HU16 5QG, Saturday 11 May, 10am-4.30pm

St Stephen’s Shopping Centre, Kingston Upon Hull HU2 8LN, Sunday 12 May, 10am-4.30pm


can be submitted in person at the public exhibitions, by email to info@forewind.co.uk, by a Freepost address or by calling Forewind on Freephone 0800 975 5636.