Al fresco eating may never be the same again!

A group of friends known as the Extreme Dining Club have taken the tradition of organising events on tidally exposed shingle banks to a brand new level.

To the surprise and astonishment of boat passengers coming and going through the busy Poole Harbour entrance last Saturday evening, 18 people in full dinner dress prepared and ate a gourmet banquet on Stoney Island, which only uncovers at Spring tides.

Paul Fitzsimmons who helped organise the event said: ‘It was such fun. We all loved the drama of the evening, the fine dining and the setting was beautiful.

The group arrived by boat transferring a barbeque oven, five dining tables complete with white table cloths and a list of provisions to make your mouth water.

Martini cocktails were followed by champagne with canapes, gazpacho and chicken encroute with a mustard an tarragon sauce. And for dessert – fresh strawberries and a cream syllabub.

As the tide lapped up around them and dusk fell the guests packed up and disappeared promising an even more extreme dining club event next year!