Do you need to get to grips with boat maintenance this winter? Then look no further than Essential Boat Maintenance – the PBO best-seller that’s back by popular demand!


The Essential Boat Maintenance book (second edition) is now available at the click of a button from Amazon. Boat owners on every continent can purchase a copy in paperback or in digital format for Amazon Kindle.

Originally released in 2016 as the Essential Maintenance Guide, this new edition has been renamed and slightly resized to fit the Amazon ‘Print on Demand’ format.

The boat owner’s bible, Essential Boat Maintenance, brings together 136 pages of practical know-how to help you maintain and improve your boat. Whether you’re looking to stop your windows from leaking, service your engine and seacocks or take on more ambitious projects such as glassfibre repairs, this is the manual for you.

The wide range of subjects covered includes:

  • Start the season
  • Working with wood
  • Electrics
  • Electronics
  • Interior maintenance
  • Painting and sealing
  • Below the waterline
  • Glassfibre repair
  • Sails, rig and deck gear
  • Engine maintenance
  • Laying up

Price £14.99 + P&P (where applicable)

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Also new for Kindle: Boat Engine Maintenance

Boat Engine Maintenance is the first in a series of shorter extracts from the ‘big book’ above.

Boat Engine Maintenance is available for Kindle

Boat Engine Maintenance is available for Kindle

Packed with over 90 photos and diagrams, this essential manual tells you everything you need to know about fixing and maintaining your outboard and diesel engines. Whether you’re looking to replace the primary fuel filter of your inboard or the gearbox oil of your outboard motor, this is the guide for you. Perhaps it’s time for an annual service, or maybe you want to get to grips with a new engine? From essential spares to troubleshooting at sea, each topic is broken down into simple illustrated steps, and brought to you by the team at Practical Boat Owner, Britain’s biggest-selling nautical magazine.

Available on Kindle, this digital book can be viewed on your phone or tablet, and features fully reflowable text with large zoomable images.

The book also forms part of PBO’s Essential Boat Maintenance (2016), so if you like what you read, or want to know how to look after ALL aspects of your boat, why now buy the full edition, here.

The wide range of subjects covered includes:

  • How to service your engine (fuel, oil changes, cooling, air intake, batteries, alternator)
  • Repacking a stern gland
  • Diesel engine troubleshooting (common problems)
  • Servicing a two-stroke outboard motor
  • Servicing a four-stroke outboard motor

Price: £3.89