Londoner Roz Savage, 37, finishes the Atlantic Rowing Race after 103 days alone at sea.

Londoner Roz Savage, 37, was the last competitor to finish the famous Atlantic Rowing Race on Monday night after 103 days alone at sea. The race, initiated by Sir Chay Blyth in 1966, takes place every four years. Of the 26 teams who crossed the Canary Islands start line in La Gomera last November, only 20 made it to the finish, some 2,550 nautical miles later.

The first boat across the line was powered by Olympic rower James Cracknell and Ben Fogle, who made headlines by doing much of the event naked! Ms Savage, measuring a comparatively tiny 1.62m (5ft 4in) and weighing 51kg (eight stone), was the only solo woman to compete. She survived faulty equipment, broken oars and her boat capsizing during the voyage; she had not eaten any hot food since her stove broke in January. The rower’s journey was brightened last month, however, when HMS Southampton, en route to Portsmouth, played Cupid, delivering a surprise Valentine’s card to her.